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Our mission is to support grieving families and avoid family conflicts.
We lessen the burden on family and friends by offering a safe place where you can document your final wishes :
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Have you ever handled a death? Administratively I mean. How can you be sure to respect someone's last wishes? What should be arranged for the funeral? What about Twitter, Paypal, Coinbase, Facebook and Product Hunt accounts? Who is taking up Grandma's favourite painting that has sentimental value for everyone? What if it was the co-founder of your company who died ? 😕 On this double date that is Halloween and All Saints' Day 2019, we introduce you tooyoo 1.0 After more than two years of development on the Swiss market, we have several thousand families who have planned their death. Several thousand families who will be able to focus only on their grief... And not on the administrative side 👆🏻 Yep, we sell relief. Not sure you will die ? Product Hunt community built tools to remember this moment ... Check : Population Project, You Will Die in X Weeks, You're getting old, Death Clock, Passbox and WeCroak Join our POLL and give your Feedback tooyoo team We are tooyoo and we lessen the burden on family and friends by offering a safe place where you can document your final wishes. Check Our values Why to launch on Product Hunt ? Today, we introduce to you a platform that is increasingly successful in our country, Switzerland. The platform is therefore adapted to Swiss national laws. But our ambition is more global. Credits - Team tooyoo : @sandra_mavrakis, @ralph_rimet, @julien_s_ferrari and @johan_bavaud - Development on Django (Python), Javascript and HTML with Liip's team - UX/UI Design and animations with Super8 team (@fabien_besson and @sebastianhaag), @gartner (Liip) and @lebenleben (Liip)
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Great to see a fellow swiss startup on Product Hunt ! I already have an account with Tooyoo and can only recommend it. Tooyoo is one of those tools you probably never thought you would need until you are in the position where you wish your loved ones had thought of this. Tooyoo makes this often dreaded task of thinking about what happens if you die something that becomes almost enjoyable to do, and it gives you the piece of mind of both knowing that your wishes will be respected and that you'll make things as easy as possible for your loved ones. @johan_bavaud maybe you could give us more information about why it's safe to share all our most sensitive information with you ?
@pascal_briod Hey Pascal, Thanks for taking your Time to testify ! 🙌🏻 You have got a point by saying it not easy to think about his own death. This explains why we choose lifeful colors and a smooth UX to help the experience. Security was one of our biggest concern: we tested our plateforme through different stress-test and we have had no intrusion. You can read more about security in my answer to @sebastienflury 😊
All these data are quite sensitive. How secured are these data @tooyoo?
@sebastienflury Hi Sebastien, That was one of our biggest challenge: we tested our plateforme with different stress-test and we have had no intrusion. And even if it was the case, all data are encrypted on our servers. Tooyoo is based on a complex encryption system with several encryption levels to guarantee a very high level of security for your data. I could give you more information directly on our chat or e-mail. + Your information is stored in a secure digital safe and based exclusively in Switzerland. => Your data is therefore subject to the strict confidentiality and data protection laws Swiss. Which is a advantage because of our Federal Act on Data Protection. Did I reply to your question ?
@johan_bavaud Yes, thank you Johan!
@johan_bavaud Wow. Congratulations on the execution of this. Have been toying with this idea back in 2005 (reason I registered the main 'memente' domains in that year) in the Netherlands but found a lot of resistance with the legal side of it. Notaries really had no clue about the digital aspects. Recently posted about this as the "under the bus scenario" amongst solopreneurs over at Indie Hackers, You seem to tackle the hurdles very well: legally valid, confidential and secure. What I would love to see is an open source element that other services can easily prepare for this scenario. Have added you to the list (don't judge me please, it's really a list) over at the Swiss element has a lot of potential to pull it global. One more thing ref another comment on blockchain: there is actually a lot to say for that. But it would require tokenization and the commitment of the legal parties involved. We're not there yet but that seems like a logical future. Not planning to do anything in this area myself anymore and happy to share the ideas I had for this. Please get in touch.
@ipears Thanks for sharing all this ideas and inputs, really appreciated ! We already plan to build a part of tooyoo on blockchain (above all death announcement). But it's too earlier for us and for our partners (State, funeral companies, ...) Open-Source, API and integration is what will work on after developing our new product to generate legal will and other documents. We aim to be the most advanced and central platform to manage everything around end-of-life.
Hi makers ! Just a quick insight about were we wanna go in the future. tooyoo will be the reference platform about the end of life topic. After storing your important elements and asset you will able to finance your burden upfront and offer your loved one the security to have money to solve all cost of the death. You will be also able to find services and a market place with the local service providers in the end of life topic. Supporting you and your family to go through those difficult time. All our energy will be focused in the next following years to achieve the best customer experience to ease families. Hope you've got a better insight ! :-)