Bluetooth device manager for macOS

Toothpicks is an awesome Bluetooth device manager for macOS. With Toothpicks you can add your favorite devices to the menu bar and connect/disconnect them with a single click. Alternatively, define a connect/disconnect hot key for each of your devices.
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Quick, configurable and reasonably priced!


Really impressed so far, so no cons as yet.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
Hello everyone! I'm William, the creator of Toothpicks. You may know me from my other super-useful app, Amphetamine. I am very excited to launch today and present to you Toothpicks: a Bluetooth device manager for macOS. My goal was to make connecting and disconnecting Bluetooth devices, as well as keeping an eye on device battery levels, as quick and painless as possible. There are a handful of other apps that already provide this functionality, but I wanted to take things a step further. With this 1.0 release, here are the features that set Toothpicks apart from the rest: • Auto-hiding of devices in the menu bar based on their connection status • Graphical or numerical battery level display • Detailed device information available with a single click • Group devices into Collections to connect/disconnect together • Awesome sounds and menu bar images included, but use your own if you want There’s of course more to come with future releases! That said, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Thanks in advance!
nice , checking it out now
@paulcomba Awesome! Let me know if you are interested in giving it a try... I have a promo code just for you :)
Looks really interesting, I'll give it a try later today!
@lilian_chisca Let me know what you think! :)
Looks like this might be really handy
@craigcpaterson I think it is! I typically create apps to simplify my own workflows, and hope others find it useful as well ;)
@x74353 👍🏻 I don't suppose you have any promo codes to test your app and provide feedback, do you? 😉 I understand if you don't have any left. Thank you.