Calculate your tip based on the server's gender

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Music, art, and other creative forms of expression have long since been part of the political discussion and activism. It's interesting to see technology -- in this case an iOS app -- advocating for gender equality.
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@rrhoover technology as art !
Thanks for the love folks :) Share the message and sign the petition!
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Very creative idea. For those interested in real-world tipping behaviors: There's been a lot of research into tipping. E.g., Generally there's no statistically significant difference between the tips that men and women receive. But there is when you take attractiveness into account...
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@dgould that's interesting, intuitively I assumed that women get more tips than men (:
@dgould I was going to mention this, but figured I didn't want to take away from the topic at hand. There are a number of other factors too in getting larger tips (including if the change bills are face up or not). Myth Busters did an episode testing bust size that was sorta off to watch.
@dgould @golocalapps Oh yes, tipping is a very diverse thing to tackle. With toothpick, we're merely trying to put a major issue into a context that people can all relate to.
Activism in the App Store. Love it.
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From @gabriel_whaley and the Miscellaneous Mischief Labs, Toothpick is a clever app that intentionally offends in order to highlight an important social issue.