Toonie Alarm

Bright alarm app with funny stickers

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Hi hunters! New app is here to your attention. Want to wake up on time and make your day brighter? Fancy getting rewards waking up? Meet Toonie, the free alarm app you need! Set the unlimited number of pretty alarms for any time of the day – always for free. Tune up your day with funny toons! Toonie Alarm is the cute and funny iOS alarm app whose mission is to brighten the day and cheer the users. Funny stickers, nice animation, cute mascot, clear intuitive navigation and achievements to share with friends will make waking up much more pleasant. Key features: All the features of the app free for everyone Simple, clear and intuitive navigation Bright and pretty interface Huge set of beautiful stickers Achievements and rewards for waking up Eye-pleasing interactive animation Animated time picker Instant sharing achievement with friends To get more details, welcome to check Press Kit Bright day to everyone!
Fun looking alarm app! Does it track your sleeping too? I dont see that mentioned anywhere. I use Sleep cycle because I like the wake-up method of 30mins w/ snoozing and I like it tracking my sleep But Im so ready to change if something better comes along - this looks fun but I think I'd want tracking before I could definitely switch!
@bentossell Thanks for your feedback! The current version is concentrated more on setting sleeping routine via rewards for regular waking up and making this process more positive. Our team now is working on even more extensive functionality and sleep tracking is one of the functions to appear soon.
@sergii_valiukh awesome, cant wait to see it!
Awesome! Love the idea of rewards - will the rewarded stickers be available in iMessage? Or are they in-app?
@jack_finn Thank you very much, very good question! Stickers will be available in iMessage as emoji with the next app update. Enjoy and have fun;)
@sergii_valiukh @jack_finn will be better to have the stickers available in LINE app. People are crazy collecting stickers there!
The alarm clock space is in need for some disruption. Love the gamification in that respect. Does this support the ability to change the style of the alarm clock randomly? Is this still reliant the iphone's native alarm or completely separate? @segii_valiukh
@davidsfeng Thanks a lot for your questions. At the moment, we do not plan to change the basic design solutions of the alarm interface, it is based on the careful user research and testing and random changes should always be not so random. Still, gamification element and sticker rewards really open additional space for adding new design features to the existing basic ones. As for the second question, Toonie Alarm is not reliant on native iOS alarm app, but its design keeps all the guidelines of designing this sort of utilities for iOS mobile applications.
Not used the product yet, but i love your gif! Nice use of higher FPS!
@kinnth Thanks! Hope you will like it and we prepared something interesting on the Halloween 🎃