Know the accuracy of your watch and when to service it is an app that allows watch aficionados to measure the accuracy of their mechanical watches

Thanks @jberrebi for the hunt and hello ProductHunt! Are there any watch geeks here?? After a few months helping our users measure and track the accuracy of their mechanical watches, we are very happy of launching the mobile apps for Toolwatch as we are crossing the 50k number of watches measured milestone! Measuring the accuracy helps answering the following question : • How accurate is my mechanical watch? Watches tell time. Accuracy threfore is the #1 quality criterion. • Should my watch be serviced? Knowing this soon enough avoids additional damage and servicing costs. • Is the (expensive) purchased timepiece is as accurate as it is being marketed? If not, you can have your watch adjusted while it is still under warranty. We are passionate about mechanical watches and our goal is to help watch geeks like us around the world taking care of their watches and improving their experience with those beauties around the wrist! We are open sourced and our roadmap is public Let us know what you think! Looking forward to your feedback and answering questions. PS : We've been told that some of you were experiencing an usability issue on our forms where you need to click several time on brand/model to correctly select it in order to validate them. We're working on that, sorry!
I tried to play around with it but the add watch form is very hard to use. The keyboard doesn't dismiss properly and when trying to submit the form nothing happens
@matthui Hi Matthew, we indeed have a usability issue here where you need to make sure you have carefully selected a watch/model before being able to validate the page. I understand how it can be frustrating, but it should be better once your watch is added. Please try again and let me know if you have any other issue.