Easily measure & track the accuracy of your mechanical watch

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Update : Facebook login fixed, thanks for your patience Hello Product Hunt ! At Toolwatch we are crazy about mechanical watches. And when I say crazy, I mean nuts! As maniacs we want to know how accurate the watches we enjoy wearing really are and that's where we came up with Toolwatch. I used to measure the accuracy on a sticky note but had to do the maths every time and it wasn't the best for keeping track over time and I couldn't share it with other watch enthusiasts. Our goal is to make this measure the most convenient possible and to share our passion for watchmaking. It's cool to see that with smartwatches (that really interest us by the way) also came a renewal of interest for mechanical watches too and that's really great ! Please share with us any comment or feedback (we won't mind if you share a wristshot too!), we would love to talk with you! Big thanks to @jberrebi for posting us on PH! PS : We've been told of an issue with the Facebook login, we are working on a fix, sorry about that. In the meantime please use the regular login, I will update as soon as it is fixed.
This is a great idea! I'll definitely share this with my watch enthusiast friends today.
@johnpaulhq Thanks a lot for the kind words !
I love your Toolwatch Marc, watches enthusiasts will love it.
@steveraffner Thank you Steve ! Glad that you like it :)
I would really like to try this out but I'm a bit put-off by the login. Why do I need to create an account or give you access to my Facebook just to measure my watch? How about letting users try it and if they want to save their results they need to create an account?
@fbara Hi Frank, this is a question we get a lot! With Toolwatch, you have to synchronize your watch twice in order for the system to compare both measures and give you your final accuracy. Login in allows us to automatically send you an email when it is time for your second measure. Also, we need an account so that you can store all your watches and attached measures. Does this makes sense to you ? If you want, you can sign up and give it a try and if you are not convinced, DM me your details and I will manually remove you from the database. Have a great day, Marc
@marcaime Thanks Marc, that does make sense. Please give a thought about putting that explanation on the screen, before you show the login/register request. You mentioned that you get that question a lot so you might be losing customers who, like me, don't understand why it's needed.
@fbara You are right, thanks for this great advice. We will try to find a way to integrate it nicely. I'll let you know when it is live! Thanks again