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Toolshed is a curated collection of design companies and tools that they use.

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Ever wondered what tools other design teams use? We at Miljon did too, and that's why we created Toolshed. Toolshed is a place for design companies to share a list of the tools and services they use to create products and run their creative business. Currently, Toolshed is a really rough MVP of what we want to create. We have plans to add long-form content focusing on different design processes and collaboration. If you want help us to make it happen, feel free to get in touch! Also, don't forget to submit your company here: Let me know what you think!

This could be a great way to discover and get reviews on some good but undiscovered products within your niche, see how others are building their process and well, have some fun peeking at what your competitors are using :)


Simple and easy way to see stack of other teams.


None so far