Toolset 2.0

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Request.... Copy who someone else is following... So "Copy Followers" follows the people that are following Person X. But what if I want to follow people who People X is following :) Also when you are signed it there should be a short description of what each setting is :)
I would love to see the ability to "Copy Follow" all the people that a Twitter account follows (rather than their followers).
@bentossell @kaaist see all the users an account is following. Definitely the next feature to be added.
@willstanley95 so what are the big updates since the launch earlier this year ?? With the ever-improving analytics coming from Twitter - do you worry that you may not be able to compete down the line? Some Twitter tools for 'growing your following' I am really put off because they seem very 'growth hacker' style. Focusing on how Twitter users essentially find relevant people to follow would be a good way to go.. their Search is really not a great experience and they need a lot of improvement here. Does Toolset help in this way?
@bentossell there have been some massive improvements over the past few months, from both a design and technical point of view. Toolset is now easier, more stable, and faster to use. Making finding relevant users to follow a breeze, and keep an eye on those who unfollow you. Toolset really aims to fill the void when it comes to searching, and finding relevant users. With three types of search, I think it's got all the main basis covered. Growth hacking is a tough one, as any 'tool' can be easily abused, but Toolset is aimed to make your life easier and more productive. If you can spare five minuets a day you'll soon see some great results, and have a greater insight about your account. With a very clean and easy to use UI, I think everyone can enjoy using Toolset, and have great success with it.
@willstanley95 Ok maybe I'll take a look from a search-solving point of view. Yeah I don't like growth-hacking style tools for twitter - what's the point!? I've grown my twitter following around 2000 followers in the past 6 months... Top tip = get a job at PH ;)
@bentossell Aha sure, organic growth is always the best! But if you haven't got thousands to put into marketing, it's pretty hard to get noticed. That's where Toolset comes in!
Also it says on the site... "Toolset will never post to your account." but when Authorising my account it says "Post tweets for you" - which is it?
@bentossell to be able to follow/unfollow users Toolset needs that level of permissions. Just so everyone is clear, Toolset will never post to your account!
what is different between this and Crowdfire?
@bhavesh toolset has better searching abilities, it's also cheaper. There is also no limit on the amount of users you can follow/whitelist.
@willstanley95 @bhavesh How about blacklists and not following people you already followed/unfollowed?
@ivosabev @bhavesh blacklists are coming. And toolset automatically filters out user you've previously unfollowed by default.
It would be nice to see pricing somewhere. I'd like to know if I will be paying for the service and how much before I connect my Twitter account.
@andreflores87 good point! It's free to sign up and use. Some features require a Toolset Plus subscription which is $4.99/month.
@willstanley95 @andreflores87 Also my question. That's not a bad price, but Id get it somewhere on the site.