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The ultimate tool guide for Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss!

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The Ultimate Tool Reference Guide for the #1 New York Times best-selling book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss!

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John EganMaker@john_m_egan · Mobile Product Manager from Chicago⚡️
After weeks of reading and dissecting this tremendous new book from Tim Ferriss, highlighting just about every sentence on every page because there are so many jewels of wisdom, and filling up my copy of the book with many post-it notes, I finally got to digitizing all my notes, collected all the resources mentioned throughout, and created this beautiful website to go with it. In this go-to resource guide are ALL of the Titan's recommended/mentioned books, products, supplements, apps, films, podcasts, etc., and the links where to find them. Along with a page to follow all of your favorite Titans (Tim's guests) and their social media links. Enjoy the book, enjoy this guide, and I'll love to hear any feedback on how to improve this guide even further so you can make the most out of reading Tools of Titans!
Steven H@shtooova
@john_m_egan amazing .. my only request.. I wish someone would make a "Tim Ferris schedule" and list all the things he says he does (ie; 3 times a week for 15 min .. his life seems extremely busy! (or well organized I should say)
John EganMaker@john_m_egan · Mobile Product Manager from Chicago⚡️
@shtooova I wish so too! I repeatedly watch this youtube video of a day in the life of Tim Ferriss. I wish he would do an entire documentary.
John EganMaker@john_m_egan · Mobile Product Manager from Chicago⚡️
Per a few requests, I now updated the guide to include filtering by Topics! Ex: films, keto diet, meditation, sleeping tricks, hacking, supplements, etc.
Chris Atlas Viglietta@chris_atlas_viglietta · Investment Advisor, Former VC Analyst
@john_m_egan WOW!!! Thank you so much!
Artur Piszek@artpi · Chief Sandwich Architect @ Automattic
@shtooova @john_m_egan that is PRECISELY what Im working on!
Ben Bowden@benbowdene · Product
Great resource!
Cory Boatright@coryboatright · Founder of Real Estate Investing Profits
Jonathan ShriftmanHiring@shriftman · BD, Snaps / Founder, Humin (acq Tinder)
Thanks for this! have done the same manually @john_m_egan! So many great nuggets in this book
Nikhil Jois@nikhiljoisr · Co-founder, Eventosaur
This is so good! Thank you for making this!