Tools for Makers is a hand-curated database of tools to help you build and ship ideas faster. It currently features 200+ products in 30 categories. Each category consists of carefully selected tools, all verified by Product Hunt community. The cards come with pricing, trial info and a brief description about the product.

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Hey there Product Hunt 👋 Let me begin by thanking @thisiskp_ for hunting my product —Tools for Makers. This is Sharath, 2 time founder, designer and recently turned indie maker. Last week I challenged myself to build a product without writing code. Thanks to @bentossell, @mubashariqbal I found many no-coding tools via newCo. 🚀 is one of them. Inspired by @bramk’s Startup Stash 🙏I built a simple platform that features tools made by indie makers which are verified by Product Hunt community. Meaning almost all the tools are named as either Product of the Day or Product of the Week. My motive behind this idea is to support the indie maker community by curating the best tools in the market all at one place. Not to discard some of the best products that give us inspiration I’ve also featured many famous well-known tools. The unique card design layout comes with pricing, free trial info and a brief description of the product which gives users visibility to browse and power to explore multiple categories. As I said this is my first product as a indie maker, I can’t be more excited to share with you all. Huge shoutout to @PoeHaH for an incredible support throughout this process 🙌 I’m going to add tools/resources every week so that the platform will be up to date. Can you think of a tool I should add? Or maybe categories or other suggestions? Let me know, I'd love to hear it! 🙏 Thank you for reading ❤️
@5harath Thanks for the mention ❤️ You built an awesome & useful list. I'll be checking it thoroughly to see what products I'm missing from my stack 😺 .
@poehah I'm glad you liked it. The plan is to feature tools that are hot in the maker community. Again couldn't be possible without Thanks for your support 🙏
@poehah @5harath hey this is awesome! I have a tonne of suggestions, and have already added unDraw to your typeform 😃. Also, I'm so excited you mentioned Prototypr, thank you!! 💙
@poehah @graeme_fulton Thanks. My motive is to make maker life easy. Happy to include Prototypr as I feel the maker community needs to know how impactful your tool is.
@poehah @5harath I share your motive. Yeah it's really nice to see it included as a maker tool, since most users are currently creatives outside the maker community
Congrats on the launch Sharath, seems like a great list! 🙂
@guillaumebardet Thanks. I'm glad you liked the curated list. Feel free to suggest tools that I missed. I'll add them shortly.
Congrats on the launch....nice list.
Hey @seunoyebode. Thank you so much. Appreciate your support.
What I love about this database is that just last week I saw 50 tools on the site and I was very impressed. Now the list grew to 200+ tools in total. It is fascinating to realize how many great resources and tools exist TODAY for early stage founders to build and ship ideas. No excuses anymore. Take a simple idea and #JustShipIt. Congrats @5harath on the launch again, hope to see more products from you in the future.
@thisiskp_ Thanks for your kind words. As makers to see all these tools under one platform gives us more reasons to ship more simple products. By doing so we are supporting maker community and fulfilling our maker dreams at the same time. Glad so many people are appreciating the curation.

I found to usefull ressources in less than 5'!


Easy to use



Hey Rémi. Thanks for the review. So glad you found the curated helpful Feel free to add tools which I might have missed. I'm here to add them to the site.