ToolMates Hire

A peer-to-peer tool sharing platform

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Andrew Cussen
Andrew CussenMaker@cusssen · Head of marketing at ToolMates Hire.
ToolMates Hire is a peer-to-peer tool sharing platform that allows anyone search for tools nearby and rent and hire to/from their neighbours. We have been in development for a couple of months and today is finally our launch day. We still have some bugs fix so if anyones finds anything please let us know by email We would love some feedback from the amazing Product Hunt community about our website and what everyone thinks.
Anthony Painter
Anthony Painter@a12rj · operations, investor, problem solver
How do you manage damage/wear/use of tools? Owners of nice tools are protective of them, which means you may only attract certain types of tools (pun sort of intended) - am I over thinking or is that something to consider? If it is how do you manage your tools ? (I'm not tying to be funny) - :-)
Mirek Chwastek
Mirek ChwastekMaker@mchwastek · CEO
@a12rj We have a bond system and guarantee program in case of damage,theft or bad condition at the return. ToolMates Hire hold the Bond until the Tool is left back in the same condition and we get positive feedback. Otherwise we keep the Bond for up to 29 days until we resolve the issue. With the Item Guarantee Program ToolMates Hire will cover your Tool up to the Value of up to $1,000.
Davis Baer
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
What a brilliant idea! Love it!