Toolbox Pro

Powerful new actions for Apple Shortcuts ✨

More than 50 powerful new automation actions to use in Apple's Shortcuts app! 🤩
You can filter images, scan documents, recognise text, use natural language processing, global variables, manual cropping, haptic feedback, build app-like pages and much more...
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4 Reviews3.8/5
Doesn't seem worth the price. There are websites and subreddit a full of free Shortcuts with similar functionality
@tombielecki I agree that they are easily found online, but I still can't figure out how to actually make them work haha
@tombielecki I don’t think you actually understand what the product is. You can get shortcuts from reddit or whatever, but if you want to invoke special requests (such as document scanning for example) 1. you need a host application with that functionality (documents scanning) and 2. That application needs to support Siri Intents (which is apples required framework for this). Most apps will support one or two global intents, but this app supports nearly all of them (or at least the really cool ones). Think of it as 60+ new built in features for shortcuts, all in one app.
Niceee! Looks very useful. I want to try it) Congratulations!
So many choices of Instruments! I will add this up to my collection "useful"
I like that black interface