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Search, filter and compare the latest design tools

Toolbox by is the place to discover design tools. Toolbox has 2 tabs:

🔥Monthly Picks

- Browse and search monthly roundups for the latest tools

- Filter by date and category

🛠Design Tools

- Find and compare popular design tools

- Filter by platform, pricing, features, and more!

- Use the compare feature for side by side comparisons

  • Liza Dixon
    Liza DixonUsability Engineer❤️Autonomous Mobility

    Searchable by keyword, Fast, Compare Option



    Finally! Design world has been needing something like this to help bring clarity to the ever-growing number of prototyping tools out there. PH is great, but I am more likely to reference this because it is so specialized. Definitely bookmarking this and looking forward to seeing it grow. Nice work 👍

    Liza Dixon has used this product for one day.
  • Rob McMackin
    Rob McMackinProduct designer based in Seoul

    So many design tools these days, makes it really easy to filter and compare by price etc.



    Very useful for companies looking to choose which design tools to go with, makes the whole process transparent.

    Rob McMackin has used this product for one day.
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GraemeMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and Letter 💌
Hi everyone, since starting 'monthly tool roundups' in 2018 on the Prototypr Medium publication, they reached over 50,000 people from just 3 editions. Since they had such a warm welcome, I decided to make the resources chosen easier to filter and browse than the blog post format. This lead to 'Toolbox' by, where you can: - Filter tools by category (e.g.. Sketch plugins/colour tools/icons) - Fast search using elastic search - Sort by date, etc. As well as the monthly picks, Toolbox includes a revamped Prototyping comparison section, since the old one ( has become outdated. No longer do tools fit in certain categories as they used to! Almost every tool has added new features, moving towards becoming end-to-end solutions for your design workflow. Now you can compare them side by side, hope it's useful ☺️ Let me know of any improvements and ideas you have! Happy May the 1st 😃
Greg Rog
Greg Rog@learnuxio · **Idea Architect** @
Nicely done! 👌
GraemeMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and Letter 💌
@learnuxio thanks Greg! Will have to get learnux in the learning resource section of the future 👀
Katerina Limpitsouni
Katerina Limpitsouni@ninalimpi · Illustrator • Fun at
An extremely helpful resource and such a great product!!! Love the filter capability and how easy you've made discovering new tools without the need to save them for later!!! Great work as always Graeme!
GraemeMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and Letter 💌
@ninalimpi thanks Katerina! That's interesting, I considered a way to bookmark them too, but sounds like it may not be needed 😂
Thanasis@tnsrig · UI/UX @EU_Commission
@graeme_fulton the monthly roundups have been great, and now being able to filter them is much easier! have you considered categories for courses or learning resources too?
GraemeMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and Letter 💌
@tnsrig glad they've been useful :) it looks like it's possible to scale for any resource/category - will have to see what's in demand from the audience.
Rob McMackin
Rob McMackin@rob_mcmackin · Product designer based in Seoul
Excited about this finally getting released. The design tool space sorely needed a non-biased resource to make sense of all the different offerings available.
GraemeMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and Letter 💌
@rob_mcmackin Thanks Rob, and for your feedback when I was putting this together, glad it's useful. I'm enjoying all your work on underglass!!