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India has one of the fastest growing and largest startup ecosystems + the largest young talent pool in the world. But investing in Indian startups can be challenging. Toolbox makes it easier to evaluate the early stage market by providing credible, verifiable data (sourced primarily from gov filings) and many interest ways to query that data.

Ashwin | PipeCandy
Murugan Durai
Rishab Nalin Jain
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    Much needed insights on who is investing in which companies, that's otherwise not easily available.

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Hi @vdurai @sonia_pradhan please tell us more about this project and what your mission is. 🇮🇳
Vivek Durai
Vivek DuraiMaker@vdurai · Founder,
@sonia_pradhan @abadesi thanks for asking. We're on a mission to simplify early stage investing, especially in emerging markets such as India. One of the great things about India data is that regulatory filings provide far more granular data for privately-held companies than say in the US - including valuations and detailed deal terms. Crawling and extracting that data is hard. Some vendors have 100-200 person offices that manually buy, download and extract that data. We built a reliable pipeline for extracting, reviewing and cross-matching that data with an 8-member team! Our current product provides data sets for venture and angel investors but we can extend this for all kinds of use cases including competitive intelligence, private equity and even sales.
Taha ahmed khan
Taha ahmed khan @tahaqadri · Maker at
Awesome work, UI looks great in the screenshots
Vivek Durai
Vivek DuraiMaker@vdurai · Founder,
@tahaqadri Thank you! Feel free to check out the features. We're happy to set up 7 day trial accounts for PH users. Just indicate you're a PH user when requesting a trial (for now email
Taha ahmed khan
Taha ahmed khan @tahaqadri · Maker at
@paper @vdurai Great, I like the landing page which is quite minimal without any screenshots or other details, is it part of strategy or its a kind of teaser
Vivek Durai
Vivek DuraiMaker@vdurai · Founder,
@paper @tahaqadri Heh - no strategy there - we're working on a more meaningful landing page - wip!
Able Joseph
Able Joseph@ablejoseph · Founder & CEO, Aisle
Sonia Pradhan Nayak
Sonia Pradhan NayakMaker@sonia_pradhan ·
@vdurai @ablejoseph Thank you :)
Vivek Durai
Vivek DuraiMaker@vdurai · Founder,
Elavenil@elavenil_e · Entrepreneur, Investor and Coffee Addict
Good job!! Will be following the future updates. Go INDIA
Vivek Durai
Vivek DuraiMaker@vdurai · Founder,
@elavenil_e Thank you! we'll keep you posted :)