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I'm excited to be on Product Hunt with Toolbird. @_jacksmith, thanks for the hunt. My goal is to help startups and entrepreneurs with finding the right set of tools. From my experience I know how difficult, but essential, this search is. Fixed lists with tools never fit your own situation, so we've developed Toolbird to share this knowledge in continuous-living-lists of tools. We're still in beta, so every feedback is more than welcome.
Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
@jorritb I found this product on Betalist over a year ago or so, and have been tracking ever since. I'm glad to see that you've finally launched, it looks exciting!
PraveenDesigner, Developer
Love the idea of grouping tools :)
devKatsCEO, Centicero
Really like this, Have added a new list for Cloud Hosting and Servers. Unfortunately, it added one of the submissions twice. It would be good if we had the functionality to remove them when this happens.
@devkats Great to hear you like this. I've manually removed your double entry. Edit and delete-functionality is on the roadmap ;)
Joseph HsiehI ❤️ Ecommerce + Marketing + Python
I do like the custom curation of lists, but how do you deal with overlapping lists? Or, do lists battle it out until there's one that become canonical? Also, Is there any way to show that a tool belongs to more than one list? It's a great start!
Michael Sitver
I build things
I like the lists, but I feel it's lacking in other areas (i.e search and discovery). I badly wanted to see the tools used by a few of my favorite companies, so I searched them, but they didn't appear. Reminds me a bit of Builtwith.com and stackshare.io.
@msitver Thanks for the feedback. We will surely add better discovering by grouping/tagging soon.