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#5 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2015
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I see the value here, but I thought that I'd be able to see exactly which startups are using the tools referenced. Grouping them as "successful startups" can be misleading. I'd look at trying to make it a bit more like Stackshare (I thought about starting something like this myself previously) I think there would be tremendous value in seeing which startups use what, rather than grouping the tools and just stating that 'successful startups' are using them.
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@bentossell Hi Ben, We did research and this are the most popular tools other startups are currently using. I do understand what you mean about having them arranged differently because it can be misleading. But we also thought of giving the option to users of browsing through the most used tools to have a better understanding of their features and pricing before making a decision. We do appreciate your feedback and will look into it when we re design the site in the new year.
@msword29 cool... maybe have a reference to who uses the tools currently on your site so people can see what companies use them?
@bentossell That's a great idea...that's actually the direction we are heading into. We found that a lot users find our site informative and helpful but they also would like to know what tools startups are using, how are they using them and what is their feedback afterwards.
@msword29 @bentossell yes, and you might harness the persuasion power of social proof and authority :D haha
I really want to use it but please fix the mobile-responsive-compatibility.
@mbalex99 Thank you for your feedback! We are looking into changing the design and having a mobile app that will make it easier for users to discover and learn about new tools. If you like you can sign up for our free newsletter.
Another startup stash kinda thing?
@wilsonpeng8 Not exactly, we are looking to help businesses find the right tools. But we take the time to understand their team size, needs and budget. We will then recommend the tools they need for project management, CRM, Support, NPS, marketing, issue tracking etc. We also offer a tool portfolio for those who just wish to browse through their options instead of having one on one help from us.
I'm sorry but on a mobile device the site just hurts and I'm not really seeing anything new or ground breaking. What am I missing?
We have collected a lot of feedback from users an our goal for this year is to re design the site. Tool Watcher is a unique experience you browse through tools on your own, but our vision is to be a consultant for early stage startups that are in need of all types of tools. Project Management tools, CRM tools, HR etc. We have realized that a lot of time and money is spent in this process and we want to help entrepreneurs minimize this and get it right the first time.