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Ouriel Ohayon / CEO
to be frank i had no idea how to use your service. the navigation is not clear. where to find the list of expired domains?
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Ryan MacCarthy
Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
Where exactly does one search? I tried the search in the sidebar but I think that just searched their own site. Is this hidden on mobile?
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Zac Davies
Customer Success Manager @ Mentorloop
@ryanmac Yeah I'm also confused, this is not immediately obvious
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Sam Dickie
Product Manager Maker NoCode & BetaTesta
I like the idea, but very difficult to navigate!
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Lets be clear - our expired domains service is 100% paid so you should not expect tons of domains publicly listed like in other expired domain websites. This is also the core advantage - the other websites work only with public databases and lists and everything good gets auctioned or backordered so in the end you lose time and money and everything good gets grabbed really fast. We on the other hand have a private database of much more domains (mostly ccTLDs). This means we can offer a much higher quality (and also by far the best geotargeting) of the service as our many happy clients know very well. Expired domains are unfortunately subject to many myths and metrics (especially the most popular Moz Domain Authority /DA/) are easily inflated by pure spam. We have huge experience in this field having built a lot of blog networks in the last 5 years and we prefer to spend some time consulting the client in order for him to make the right choice about the domains he needs. If we just respond automatically to the typical "Give me .com domains DA30+ in bulk" type of queries, our clients will not get the best expired domains but rather the worst in the whole huge database. We claim to have not only the largest (by far) database but also the absolute best price/quality ratio among expired domains services in the world so we'll do anything to stand by this claim even if it's educating all clueless customers.
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I have no idea why this is here, is obscure and confusing. It should be removed from Product Hunt.
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Dan Moore
@kultvar it's also a service. Not a product