Run your own 365 photo project in a fun and addictive way

Perfect timing with the new year approaching. I imagine people using this to capture a selfie a day, the growth of their newborn, or showcase a new daily routine (e.g. eating healthy, going to the gym, giving to charity). @nikkielizdemere this could be a neat way of presenting some of your photography.
If you're curious about the history of our biggest side-project so far, you can read it here: . If you have any questions about the project, I'll be more than happy to answer.
@pawelkadysz I'm interested in doing a screenshot a day, but you don't support PNGs. I get the need to use EXIF data from the photo, so is my use case just not one you care to support?
@chrismessina tookapic is about photos only. We don't want it to become "anything-a-day" site.
@pawelkadysz who says that a screenshot isn't a photo? They present most of what I see in any given day! It's a photo from my reality!
@chrismessina Well, it wasn't taken with a camera, was it? :P I really hope you're messing with me here.
@pawelkadysz only partially. Screenshots are just photos of our digital environment. If I shot a photo with a camera of a screen and it came out as a JPG with EXIF, that'd be ok, but if I captured the image using the operating system's screenshot tool, that wouldn't. It seems arbitrary. Both produce pixels that, when assembled in a grid, represent an image of our experience. It just seems arbitrary to restrict tookapic to a specific capture device or image file format.
Ahhh yisss I've been waiting for this one for a while. Gonna check it out.
@pawelkadysz it would be smart to add a "subscribe for more posts". Because I don't use rss, and I don't remember to regularly check your out blog. So I'd love to subscribe.