Join or host events for virtual & In-person activities

Toodls helps users to connect through common interests via virtual events or in-person meets. The activity options can include two or more participants and include live streaming concerts, cooking classes, yoga, tutoring, and many others.
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Hey Mahesh! This is really cool, i am working on something really similar but for corporate events
I came up with the idea of Toodls when I moved to a new town and wanted to go for Dim Sum (and make new friends). I did not want to join a designated group and go on their schedule - I wanted some way to set my own schedule, without being tied to a group. I soon realized that the opportunity is much bigger than just a meal and decided to use my skills to build a platform that would allow anyone to create an event and anyone to join, without any group limitations (for friendship, dating, community, etc.). I added a bunch of features that empower the event organizers and maintains attendee privacy while preventing stalking and other such embarrassing moments. I personally do not like in-app ads and was determined to not display any ads. The app has been designed to let anyone use it free and to upgrade at a nominal cost to utilize more tools. That being said, the app works great as a free tool and will continue to do so without any advertisements or selling of data. I hope people like what we have built and look forward to a large Toodls community - Toodls!
love this had a similar idea , just difficult to grow it lol