Travel planner that parses content for you

#3 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2019
Build a travel wish-list from content you find anywhere on the internet, and organize beautiful itineraries in a few simple steps.
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Hi guys, maker here. I have always wanted a better way to organize my travel plans but I never use any of the tools out there because it takes too much time to enter my wish-list / travel ideas manually. I put together this project to test a new way to bring travel ideas together. I look forward to your feedback / comments: Toodle enables you to build and organize your travel wish-list from content you find anywhere on the internet, in just one-click. You can add locations to your wish-list using the Toodle search bar, or simply drop in a link to a landmark or a blog you found on the internet. Toodle will then auto-parse all the relevant content into a standard format that can be added to the wish-list. When its time to go on a trip, you can seamlessly import your wish-list and visualize it on a map to build a travel plan within minutes. You can also use a number of planning tools e.g., the distance between two pins on the map, that makes your planning decisions easy. Both the wish-list and the travel plan can be shared with other people by sharing the link. Give it a spin and let me know what you think. I'm especially interested in knowing what websites do you visit to find travel content, and are they working well with Toodle :) Features in the pipeline: 1. Improvement in parsing blogs / unstructured content 2. Collaboration with other users to create group trips 3. Visualization of map pins by type e.g., hotel, landmark 4. Smart-planner feature that takes items from your wish-list to generate a suggested travel plan 5. Commenting and feedback features on travel plans 6. Mobile support
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exactly what I need to plan activities and trips with my friends. So much easier to get everyone's inputs on an idea with this! you guys are on to something here
@ali_abid Thanks! We would love to hear back from you on how you end up using Toodle.
I've been looking for something like this. I'm planning on taking a trip to San Diego with my cofounders soon, and this could really reduce the activation energy to plan a trip. Great UI/UX! As a suggestion, it would be great if, once I put in a particular location, it already had some preloaded activities for me to use as the building block for my trip.
@abidlabs Please let us know how the planning goes with Toodle <3. As for content recommendation, this is an interesting idea you bring up. I would love to hear from you and others if: 1- Will you trust recommendations we might give you? What do you look for in recommendations? 2- If you do use and like recommendations, what are the top sites you use to get them?
Congratulations on the launch! Been looking forward to using this to plan my trips and share them with others :)
@zuhayeer Thanks ๐Ÿ™ŒI look forward to hear your feedback
Really clever idea! Haven't really seen something like this before, and it feels like a smart fit for frequent travelers. Nice job :^) One suggestion: On the 'planner' screen, it'd be cool to be able to click on each day and see a line connecting all the places planned for that day on the map, just so you can easily visualize the amount of traveling you'll be doing.
@stuffbyspencer Thanks Spencer for the support :) I like your idea! Right now, you can use the map filter (top right) to show all the events in a single day, and you get the time of travel between events in the day card. But we don't show the path. I'll test it out..