Free transcription AI assistant for calls and video meetings

TonyDoorAI is an AI assistant for calls and video meetings.
🎧Record meetings on Zoom or Google Meet
⌨️ Our AI transcript in 120 languages
✅ Summarize in 2 min with 95% accuracy
📊 Analyze a large untapped system of record
🌎 Perfect for a remote team
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12 Reviews4.6/5
Hi there, hunters & makers! I'm Thomas, co-founder of TonyDoorAI with @mathis_grosjean1 and @thibault_delion. We are really excited to share Tony with you and we can't wait to get your precious feedback. We originally built TonyDoorAI as an assistant for sleeping joiners in our professional meetings. Since there is no solution for non-english speakers, we decided to improve it and publish it. Our AI can Record, Transcribe and Summarize a meeting without any effort in 120 languages. Hope you're finding it useful! If you have any questions feel free to comment, we're here all day long :)
Looks super cool! Can’t wait to use it. Is it working for Swedish?
@fredrika_lindh Thank you Fredrika 🙏 Yes we can. Subscribe to a demo so you can test it yourself 🙂
this is awesome, so disruptive !
@louis_demeslay Thank you Louis 👋
Very good idea
@benjamin_boucheix thank you for your comment ❤️