Truly great coffee, in your kitchen, without much fuss

Sadly Tonx is no longer: they were acquired by Blue Bottle. Happily: Blue Bottle is awesome (and well worth the hype in coffee circles)—so I guess it's not really sad. We had been a Tonx/Blue Bottle subscriber for a while, we recently unsubscribed. (We is @thetylerhayes and @owenfi). We found that we'd often be in a weird limbo where we'd run out of beans and then wait for the shipment of beans for a few days, then go buy a bag some morning when we were desperate, then it would come in the mail.
Tonx just introduced their Better Coffee Exchange, where you can trade in your @starbucks gift card for some @tonxcoffee.
Added @craftcoffee as a similar business to @tonxcoffee
I tried Craft Coffee a while ago and didn't like their choice of blends. Very fruity and light. Although I enjoyed the packaging and thoughtful descriptions of the blends.
Love the Better Coffee Exchange idea - so smart