Tonight! New York

The dating app for actual dates.


Tonight arranges actual, real-life dates based on when you’re free and who you want to meet. Meet people who interest you face-to-face, any night of the week. Tonight even handles the logistics, making getting out on dates easier than ever.

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Rishi Shah
John Fazzolari
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  • Arena R
    Arena RDesigner

    What I love about Tonight is that it gets people together in person without all the work that goes into that with other apps.


    ..only in New York at the moment.

    Full disclosure, I contributed some design work to this app, but I did so because I love the concept and I'm hoping it succeeds not just because of all the normal reasons you want something you worked on to succeed, but because I want people to meet in person and fall in love!

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  • Pros: 

    Making dating EASY


    Mechanical dating

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  • Pros: 

    User interface is great, have had great experiences in the past


    No comment

    Have used the LA and SF versions (formerly called Whim) and they are great!

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