Practice & improve on your wind instrument while having fun

🎷🎺 tonestro is a practice app (iOS & Android) for wind instruments which provides digital sheet music and gives immediate feedback on pitch & rhythm with a special focus on continuous motivation. Boring and monotonous practice is a thing of the past.

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8 Reviews5.0/5

I know the founders personally, so all the best guys!


For years my Sax was only lying in a corner, with Tonestro I can improve without paying and making an appointment for a teacher.


The App could use a bit more gamification, but leaderboard and challenges are in the works I heard :)

Wind instruments are amazing. While there are tons of apps for learning to play the guitar or other more accessible instruments — fans of wind instruments often are left behind. 🎷🎺 Super excited about tonestro & its team.
@__tosh Thank you very much for hunting our product and your feedback 👍. We all share a big passion for wind instruments and that's one reason we created tonestro 🎺🎶. We are always available to answer every question and look forward to your comments.
🎵 Hi Hunters & Makers! Thank you very much for checking out tonestro 🙂. We’d love to hear how you like our app. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions, we greatly appreciate your opinions 💭. Many musical greetings from the tonestro team in Austria ✌️.
Looks cool, but I am wondering if there are many people out there who play a wind instrument?
@itsamemarios Thank you very much for your question. There are a lot of people who play a wind instrument 😎. Only in the USA more than 10 million people play a wind instrument. Worldwide we assume more than 150 million wind musicians, so there is a big wind instrument community 🎷.

I tested it for tuba. I assume it is the same for all other instruments.


Haven't seen any other app for wind instruments


Stuff for beginners would be useful