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Hey all - I’m Tim, one of the founders of ToneDen. Our goal with Lasso was to provide marketers everywhere with an intuitive way to engage visitors to their websites. We saw that the pattern of popups and banners was ruining the user experience and doing more harm than good in helping businesses and brands acquire customers. Our approach was to design an experience that’s friendly and familiar for both the marketer and the potential customer. Marketers will be able to design and customize their Lasso widget to run different kinds of engagement campaigns from basic signup forms to coupon giveaways. Our built-in social integrations not only drive immediate social engagement (follows, likes, etc) but also capture valuable customer data including emails and profile info. Lastly, we’ve made Lasso 100% free and incredibly easy to set up on a website or store. We’ve integrated Lasso with platforms like Shopify, Wordpress, and Squarespace to make the installation process code-free. Read more about Lasso on our Medium post here. See the features, and get your own Lasso set up here! Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and feedback! Lastly, huge s/o to Chris for posting this 😎
@danielgold1 little glitch on a bug fix, should be sorted now. Thanks!
Lasso aims to make it easy for "any marketer to acquire new fans, drive social engagement, and build better relationships with their customers in a beautiful and intuitive way." Check out why Toneden built Lasso and how it works. Love seeing the evolution of the tools these guys are building!
Love to see the spin and focus you have specifically for artist and fan engagement. Lots of smart design ideas here. This will be killer once connected to Messenger, WhatsApp and the likes.
@kvgauthier Send to Messenger integration coming soon 👍
@amandaaaaati this is really cool. What conversion/retention rate have you seen with sites using your service?
@j_r_wi11iams @amandaaaaati thanks Jesse! We're seeing Lasso perform on average more than 10x better than popups or other email acquisition forms. Lasso also helps aggregate and unify retargeting data which marketers can use immediately to improve retention by over 100x on average.
@thingsinmotion That's amazing. Can we move this to email? I would love to have a bigger conversation with you []