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Thanks Daniel cheers for the feedback and really helpful suggestions about the 'read me'. I can see how this would help a user like yourself interpret the results and also get the most from the technology. The dashboard aims to provide a taster for the API and to get on private beta for the API please email: Thanks again and for your kind feedback! Chris
Hey Hunters, Firstly, a massive thanks to Eric for hunting us :) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. We’ve been using Toneapi in-house for some time and it’s currently being used by a number of digital agencies. Now we have a Product Hunt exclusive for instant access…enjoy!
@chrisjsays Hi Chris, Just signed up and used the product. Great work ! Easy and intuitive to use. One thing I would advise is offering an explanation for some of the results. For example a simple one page 'readme' page offered to describe each section may be useful. Your home page speaks about dev API access. How do we go about this ? I think I have some pretty cool uses for it.
@chrisjsays I have been looking for something like this for a while now. Just tried this on some of my content. Fantastic experience. I hope I can incorporate toneapi into my sentiment analysis and optimization.
@deanjohnr Hi John that's amazing feedback and greatly received by the team! We look forward to seeing how this could help you going forward! speak soon Chris
@deanjohnr hey john we just release a new optimiser function, helps you improve your content for emotion with suggestions - be sure to check it out
Hi there. Does it only work with English ? Do you plan to include other languages like German and French ?
@danielec Hi Daniele, thanks very much for the feedback and hope you continue to enjoy using English language is part of our latest release. Adapting to different multilingual & multicultural settings is part of our tech roadmap & we'll be sure to continue to update you as and when we release for new languages. We can set up a time to explore this if you want to email: Thanks Chris
hey Chris, looks interesting - big fan of emotion based testing. Would be good to show on your landing page how you actually do this? Can't seem to see any kind of methodology...
@shib88 Shib firstly thanks very much for checking out You make an excellent point. We are a tech start-up based at Queen's University, Belfast where we spun out from the School of Psychology and our team includes ex-SAP business intelligence unit and IBM so we’ve plenty to share in terms expertise and methodology. I can see how understanding the 'science' behind would help. So we are going to include an additional page explaining this in the coming days and I'll get back in touch to get your feedback and answer any questions. Again thanks for taking the time to check us out and more importantly the feedback you have provided. Thanks Chris
Nov update: We’ve added some exciting new features and improvements to Toneapi, you can now analyse and measure the impact of over 1,000 emojis and emoticons in any content.