Confidence boosting music trainer

Tone is a fun and simple way to help improve your ears and sing with perfect pitch. Featured on the App Store as the App Of The Day in February 2018.

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Hello Product Hunters 👋 While a lot of us here are not trying to become full time musicians, this app is quite a fun way to learn and improve your pitch. It was featured as the app of the day on the Apple Store earlier this year. • Simple, intuitive interface • Choose your pitches and octaves • Difficulties ranging from easy to expert • Practice mode with reference pitch • Transpose the notes to different keys • Tone generator to hear pitches for practice • View note names, piano keys, or use solfege • Share your score and compete with friends!
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@guillaumebardet Hey there Guillaume, thanks for hunting Tone! Happy to answer any questions here in the comments 😃
You're very welcome @danielkuntz0! I'm curious to know what was the original inspiration behind making this app?
@guillaumebardet Back in high school, having perfect pitch was akin to having wizard powers, at least for band students. Whether perfect pitch can be learned or not has always been a subject of debate. Being curious about how to acquire the skill, I built Tone to "brute-force" train myself. Crazy part is, it worked. Through building and testing the app repeatedly, I believe I acquired perfect pitch (though I have to practice regularly to keep it). Since it worked for me, I figured it must work for someone else too. The first version of Tone was released in August 2016. Since then, the app has helped over 150K people improve their musical ear.
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