Tomorrow: To-Do List, Focused

Prioritize your 3 most important tasks and focus

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It's simple. Plan for your next working day by figuring out your 3 most important tasks. Tomorrow focuses down on just those tasks and makes it easy to visually see how your week is progressing. As you can tell, this to-do list is a horse of a different color. I didn't design it to fully replace elaborate task management solutions. In fact, this is probably not going to be something those customers would necessarily use (but, I'd be interested in hearing if you do!). I've never been able to commit to those solutions since I naturally enjoy focusing on a few things--not a monster task list. Instead of the endless stacks of notecards I wrote my daily tasks on, I built this focused experience. This is a freebie/fun side-project, but my ears are open to new thoughts that could be useful! If you've tried it and think it would benefit from anything, let me know!
Super cool, David. The design looks beautiful. I actually built something similar as a fun side project a year or so ago called - I still use it every day, although I think I'm one of two people using it. I just haven't had the time to make the improvements that I know would make it a better experience or try to find users. How many people are using Tomorrow so far? Would love to chat over email if you're game -
@andygcook Thanks Andy! I'd be happy to chat. Just tossed over an e-mail. Before sharing with the PH community, Tomorrow, intentionally, had a very small active base returning ( < 20, myself included). I wanted to roll this out a little differently than I have my previous products. Beyond observing if people would actually use it, my early goal was to really pin down feedback before spending time pushing it myself. Being here is my first push after a couple of months of observing/listening. Until now all of the discovery has happened through the app store search. I appreciate the question! Thanks.
I just put this app in my dock.
@arush Watch out, a virtual high five is coming your way!! o/*
Left you an amazing 5 star rating because there are so many things about this simple little app that are so on point. I love it. It really makes you think hard about what's important and cut the rest. And I love that it's for tomorrow, it helps me plan what I'm able to achieve more accurately.
@arush You rock dude! Thanks so much for the kindness! I really appreciate it. I'd love to know how Tomorrow could improve! Let me know if anything comes to mind! Enjoy your weekend!
I had a similar idea 6 months ago and designed this app but never got time to develop but you did it. Best Wishes :)
@prem That looks amazing! Solid work Prem. The icons look so sweet. I'm curious. Do you often enter in notes when creating to-do tasks? I usually enter in items like, "Finish blog post" or "Meet up with Brian about the Reader App" etc etc.