Financial wellness for families

Tomorrow is a financial wellness app that helps families plan for the future. In minutes, make a free legal will, crafted by 52 attorneys across America to match the laws in your state. Upgrade to Tomorrow Plus to create a living trust and more.

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No one ever want a will or trust. Until it's to late and they wish they had a will or trust πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Dope 🚬🚬
Few people think of a will until it is too late to plan and fewer still even know where to start, this looks to fill a massive knowledge gap.
@airjoshb We sure hope so! Our team is intimately familiar with loss, and the headaches associated with a lack of proper estate planning. We're hoping we can provide millions of Americans with peace of mind and a better financial future for their families.
Any plans on bringing it to Canadians? It's rare, but we do die from time to time as well.
@joshuapinter LOL. It's certainly a possibility down the road, but right now we've got our hands full wrangling all the legal, financial, and insurance market nuances in the US πŸ˜„
Daunting task, but this looks super cool. How do you make money? Insurance policy referrals and such, or premium up-sells? Definitely going to check this out. Nice work!
@johnschenk We're licensed as an insurance broker in all 50 states. We make money from insurance sales commissions if people decide to buy life insurance through us. Not required though, and the will and trust are totally free, no strings attached.
Hey there ProductHunters, we're excited to launch and show the world what we've been building for the last year and change πŸ˜„ Open to questions, and would love your feedback!