Tomo is a Facebook Messenger bot specialized in getting cheap flights. You can save up to $700 per ticket and it's as simple as a conversation with a friend.

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Love this Vlad and Alex. I could see futuristico trying to superfuture the way people travel 🤘🏻 Nice time to be a traveller!
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@tweetyunus Thank you, 🙏 Mohamed. Agree nice time to be a traveler. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.
@vladstan No doubt! Do you have any integration service for TOMO so that I could brew/offer something beautiful for my users ? Win-Win makes more sense :)
@tweetyunus man this is something we should definitely explore. Let's get in touch. I'll ping you on twitter.
I've been playing with Tomo for a while now and I love the experience! Although there are many services offering the cheapest flights (as @bentossell also noted), I enjoy Tomo more because of its friendly chat feeling. It's like I have a buddy who's doing his best to help me travel cheaper and learn more about new places - the tips & info on destinations make it even more fun. @vladstan & @aluxian, one question for you: how do you source the deals? Also, it would be nice to be able to have a wishlist ❤️
@andreeamih Thanks for the kind words, we're so happy when our users are happy! For sourcing deals we have 3 flight hackers helping us (America, Europe, Asia+Oceania), but we also have automated processes to scan lots of other websites as well. Right now we're partly manual because we want to understand our users' behaviour and what the best way to find deals is. We've been reading about hacking flights for the past few weeks and soon we'll be ready to automate most of it. AI will play an important role as we plan to not only customize the service to our users' preferences but also learn what they like so we can send the best deals.
@andreeamih Thank you. And thank you for the awesome feedback you gave us. Keep it coming. <3
@aluxian @andreeamih so do you give these sites any credit for the work they put in?
At Flystein we are thrilled to partner with Tomo, a Facebook Chatbot with travel deals. It’s a great product and our partnership is a natural match, like peanut butter and jelly :) We’re looking forward to working together with Tomo and finding personalized flight deals for the Facebook audience by combining human travel pros, insider airline secrets and proprietary technology. To celebrate this partnership we're giving to all Product Hunters an exclusive discount of 20% on any service in next 72 hours via this link: (discount will be automatically applied at checkout).
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@flighthack Thanks, Vlad! We're also excited 😄
@flighthack Thanks for parenting with us. I know you're doing an awesome job helping travelers to save for specific flights and really looking forward to making this integration as simple as possible for the users.
@flighthack That's awesome! Thanks for the discount, can't wait to use it!
@vladstan Congrats with getting #2 of the day place!
@vladstan @andreeamih Love the UI. Congratulations. I especially liked the promo video on Tomo Site using the comic character. I'm trying to build a product video, may I if you got any external help to make the video?
Thanks @kwdinc for the hunt! We're thrilled to be on Product Hunt :) We love to travel, but what's even better is when we hack the airfare prices for our flights. This is the reason we built Tomo, a Facebook Messenger bot with only one job: to find cheap flights for your next trip. Tomo searches 24/7, all the airlines. We named it Tomo because in Japanese, “tomo” means “long time friend”, and that’s the spirit of the project. Tomo is your travel mate, always searching the best price for you. Don't hesitate to ask us anything!
So many services offer to find the cheapest flights Why is this better than the rest?
@bentossell Hello Ben, probably the main difference is the medium. You'll get them on FB Messenger on real time. Also, because we have more info about the users than a normal service, we aim to personalize the offers and offer a much better experience for the users.
@vladstan @bentossell Yep! The main selling point (besides saving money) is personalization. We're working on understanding our users' patterns so we can provide several other features: say we find a deal from London to New York but you're in Edinburgh, we'll also find you a flight to London; or say you want to receive only during a specific time period, or for a continent you're interested in, or under a certain budget, etc, we can customize all of this. We're working on these features. Also, additionally to having our 3 deal hunters, we also check other sources to make sure we don't miss anything!