Tomatoid 2.0

3 in 1 pomodoro timer, time tracker & task manager

Tomatoid is 3v1:

Pomodoro timer

Simple yet extremely customizable. Change time intervals, set alarms or ticking sound.

Time tracker

Just hit play and start working. Pause the timer anytime you need to make a phone call.

Task manager

Create to-dos and categorize them. Assign priority. Set due date.

Available for Web, iOS & Android.

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Hi everyone! I would like to show you one side project of mine. Let me start with a short story: There once was a young web-developer, Petr👨‍💻. Petr wanted to be more productive. He discovered the Pomodoro technique🍅, but didn’t quite like any of the existing tools - so he decided to build 🔨 his own. He released the app and was happy.🙂 After a while, he stopped being an employee and started as a freelancer. Because of this, he sometimes needed to record very short time intervals ⏰. That’s how the “classic time tracking” function was added. The next big part of freelancing is managing your tasks ✅, todos and todo lists ✔️. Because Petr was lazy (all developers are), he didn’t like switching from one app to another. As a solution, he added the “task manager” section to his app, so that no freelancer needed two apps ever again. I welcome any feedback and I will be happy to answer any questions!
Nice app, nothing to say more
I like it a lot