Listen to all your music, from any source, in one place

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It's a free and open-source cross-platform client that combines your music collection from Spotify, Youtube,, soundcloud etc, along with your local music collection. Here's the list of every music content provider they work with right now: PS. is pretty cool too
@daualset I remember playing around with a client called Miro a few years back. This seems similar.
Hey everyone, thanks for the post. We've got big things in the works for our upcoming release - finally a pretty UI, an Android app (also open-source) and more. Let me know if you have any questions.
How did I not know about this. Thanks for sharing:)
@jonvanhala has been telling me about this for a while now. looks super awesome. let's get the founders in here.
psyched to see the progress J. already impressive build.