Tom Clancy's The Division

A Pandemic sweeps through New York City. You must save all.

Just bought this this morning. Should be playing it by Thursday. Anyone playing it yet? Thoughts?
@jakecrump whoa looks really good. what'd you buy it for? ps4?
@jakecrump played it today with 2 friends on ps4. It's epic so far! Really loving it, but I could imagine that it's not as good playing alone.
@mikkel_ulstrup Have you tried the single player campaign?
@akshaybharwani The game is build in a mix between single player and multiplayer. Either you can play through the game alone, go co-op, or go mix it up. It's not that you have to go the main menu and change between the multi and single-player, it's all happening right in the game. It's actually quite amazing, and they defiantly encourage you to play with other players. But even though we did the "single player" part 3 friends in co-op, it's really nice. And you can go together to the dark-zone (which is the "real" multiplayer part) and fight other players together (or fight each other and go rouge). I am a big fan :-)
@mscccc Yep, ps4. You gonna get it?
I've now played this and I can say, it is a ton of fun. Absolutely give this a go!