Toky Instant Call

Start voice calls directly within Intercom Messenger

Because sometimes it’s more useful to talk, Toky Instant Call lets you change from texting to a voice call with a single click, improving your sales and customer support.
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Hello hunters and makers! 😻👋 Sometimes there's a moment in a text conversation where it seems that you're not getting your point across, this can be frustrating for both you and your customer. Maybe an idea is not very clear, the lead's interest is not coming to where you can close the deal, or perhaps you're not quite understanding the situation your customer is describing to you. That's why we built Toky Instant Call, to provide a quick way for your customer or lead to call you directly within Intercom Messenger. We're eager to hear your thoughts, and how you think talking to your customers can help your business.
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Such a great integration to see join the Intercom App Store. We have all had conversations via chat that, while they start with the intention of being quick, end up dragging on forever. Sometimes it's just better to jump on a call! Toky's new app for Intercom makes it simple to move from text to audio without losing a beat and without forcing your lead or customer to jump to another tab or install any extra software!
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Sounds great, I already use Toky as a free voice call option on one of our websites. Will attempt to activate it on Telegram
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Well done!!! 🚀