Easiest way to co-invest in ICO token sales

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Tokenpad products support the entire token lifecycle for investors and issuers, starting with syndication.

1. Organize your group privately and import from Telegram

2. Automated & decentralized from contribution to distribution

3. Portfolio for tracking ICOs + existing tokens

4. Stay compliant with KYC, country restrictions, and address whitelists

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    It is easy to use, helpful and convenient to create and manage ico, and portfoilo is also cool!



    I love it! Hope more people can use it !

    Jia Jia has used this product for one month.
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    Easy to use


    none I can think of

    I'm really excited to use this product more to invest in future token sales

    Colby S has used this product for one week.
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Douglas Mak
Douglas Mak@dagumak
I've been using the product for the last few months in beta. I love it! I use it to track all my MEW wallets so it can track my P/Ls. Looking forward to the new features!
Kevin Wang
Kevin WangMaker@kswang14 · Product Creator
Hey Product Hunters! We're excited to share Tokenpad with you. Tokenpad is a platform for managing the co-investment process in an automated and decentralized way. We built Tokenpad because we were frustrated with our experiences co-investing into early token sales. Leading an investment meant stitching together chats, spreadsheets, and etherscan transactions together. Co-investing was hope & pray, since we would send contributions directly to the lead. With Tokenpad, it's an easy 3 steps 1. Lead investors organize deals and offer them to their network privately 2. Co-investors contribute ether from their personal wallets 3. When tokens are received, co-investors can withdraw their pro-rata share. Tokenpad is designed with safety and compliance in mind. Each deal is structured so that an investor's assets cannot be touched by the lead or by us. We also have users pass KYC prior to creating or investing in pools. Try out Tokenpad - we've given you a bit of sweet deal We love feedback!
brighton hu
brighton hu@brightonhu · freshman
Good start! UI is much better now ..:)
Rohit Goyal
Rohit Goyal@imrgoyal · CEO, Mudrex
@kswang14 @dagumak This looks pretty cool. Since I have invested on other people's behalf in ICOs previously. I have 2 questions. 1) Do you think privacy is an issue for investors in this case in terms of in which projects they are investing? 2) Do you do the KYCs as well on behalf of the project or the lead investor do that separately on the project's website? Again great job on this product. :)
Kevin Wang
Kevin WangMaker@kswang14 · Product Creator
@dagumak @imrgoyal Hi Rohit, Great questions. re: privacy, if you are co-investing, only you and the lead investor know that you have invested in a given deal. Even other co-investors would not be able to see your investment history. re: KYC, if we were working with a token issuer to conduct all or part of their token sale on our platform, we would conduct KYC on their behalf. For individual deals, the lead investor would still do that separately. We are considering ways to get our KYC to be accepted by token issuers.
glassy sound
glassy sound@andrewarstin
That's an interesting platform but I think that at this point ICOs are not the best thing you can invest in, risks are too high. So I am just looking at what's going on with the market and use some other investment tools like for example.