Store, send and spend your crypto in a decentralised manner.

TokenCard is your starter pack for life on Ethereum πŸ’Έ
Securely store your ETH & selected ERC-20 tokens in your own decentralised Contract Wallet, deployed directly from the app. Convert your tokens to fiat in seconds, then spend them with your Visa card.
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7 Reviews5.0/5

I've been using the app for two months and I am so happy with it. If anyone is a fan of decentralization and control over their finances, this is what you need to look into!


- Quick&Easy onboarding - I've received my card in 5 days after applying - The card works smoothly


- The wording in the app is​ sometimes confusing - Only three tokens are supported for top-up so far

Hello hunters πŸ‘‹I'm a Product Marketing guy @ TokenCard β€” we're pretty excited to launch on the App Store (sorry Android folks; coming soon)! In a nutshell, we're a bunch of folks obsessed with decentralisation and what crypto can do for real people in the real world. What that looks like today is you can store, send, and receive ETH and selected ERC-20 tokens in your own decentralised Contract Wallet. Then you can make those assets useful in the real world, converting them to fiat and spending them with a card as you know and love today. To celebrate our App Store launch, the first 1,000 people to download the app and activate their card will get 15 DAI on us, so they can get their life on Ethereum off to the best start πŸ’Έ Some of the practical tidbits: 🌏 We're currently shipping cards to the UK and EEA; πŸ’³ We aim to approve and ship cards within 2 business days; πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Want to join us? Get involved at ! CEO Mel and Community Manager Brice are tagged in here, too β€” drop us a note and ask away/ let us know what you think!
As an investor in the TokenCard ICO some time ago, I've been very happy with their accomplishment and their ability to get a working product to market. I have been using their cryptocurrency card now for a few weeks already and it has been a smooth experience every time. The app on iOS is slick and feels native. Couldn't ask for a better job of it. Great job TokenCard team! Looking forward to seeing more tokens added to the platform!
Any plans for expansions to other corners of the globe :)
@rohit_rai2 Hi Rohit πŸ‘‹ We're looking at nailing the product and working with the base we have here in the UK and EEA before rolling out further afield. We're itching to move to the US, Asia, etc., but that's a long way off at the moment!
nice, cant wait for this to be available in US. why does it seem so rare for crypto cards to be available in US? is it low user demand or high cost of compliance?
@brian_herrera Hi Brian πŸ‘‹ We’ll keep you posted on US timelines- you can also get email updates by signing up on the TokenCard website! In terms of β€œwhy UK-first?” I think it’s a lot to do with regulation, specifically regulators. In the UK, we’re super fortunate to have the FCA, who encourage and support projects like TokenCard β€” it really helps us get off the ground, and sets the tone for discussions when we do eventually get round to expanding to new markets.