Seamless cross-device Ethereum wallet for  devices

Tokenary is a simple and secure wallet for ETH & ERC-20 tokens. It automatically detects everything you hold on your Ethereum accounts. In a matter of seconds, Tokenary allows you to easily send, receive and watch your assets in one place.

Cloud sync across your Apple devices helps to see all your iPhone accounts on in the Mac App or iPad App.

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Vladimir Tidva
Vladimir TidvaMaker@vladimir_tidva
We unveil Tokenary , our new and simple iOS and Mac wallet for Ethereum and token management, to provide a memorable and seamless experience for Ethereum wallets everywhere Security is our first priority. Your private keys are encrypted, stored locally on your iPhone, and never leave it. You and only you have access to your private data — Tokenary is a tool you can trust. Also, there is an option to track any address without inputting a private key or you can connect Ledger Device and operate with it through Tokenary Mac App. We are happy to hear any feedback or suggestions for improvements.
Kartik Sathappan
Kartik Sathappan@kartikcooks · Product Manager / Angel Investor
@vladimir_tidva how does the cloud sync work if the private keys are encrypted and stored locally on your iPhone?
Vladimir Tidva
Vladimir TidvaMaker@vladimir_tidva
@kartikcooks Cloud sync works with addresses(public keys). F.e. If you add a private key for some address on Tokenary Mac App it will be visible in iPhone but in "watch only" mode. In this mode, y can track tokens balances, history of transactions on your address. But if you want to send a transaction Tokenary ask you to put private key in iPhone App.