Explore on-chain data on multiple cryptoassets ⛓

TokenAnalyst is a simple tool that allows you to explore on-chain data on a variety of cryptoassets. We parse raw data from every block on the Ethereum blockchain and turn it into meaningful metrics that you can use to drive your research and investment decisions. We have a site that gets updated daily and an API where you can get real-time data.

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Hello Product Hunt! Jai and I built TokenAnalyst out of a genuine curiosity to understand what drives cryptocurrency prices, who is actually using and holding a given token, and whether there are ways to fundamentally value new cryptoassets. Looking at what else was out there, we saw that most people only look at price and market data to drive their decision making. Our lightbulb moment came when we realized that looking at the actual transaction data on the blockchain itself could give one a much more comprehensive picture of what is going on. This was the inspiration for TokenAnalyst. 📈 Some of the metrics we're featuring on our site include: - # of tokens transferred over past 24H - # of on-chain transactions over past 24H - Centralization of token ownership (who is currently holding the token and how much are they holding) - Largest on-chain transactions over the past 24H - Top "human" and "exchange" holders of a given token 🙏🏽 This is very much a beta product - we have an API for more full-fledged access to the data as well. We would love to get any and all feedback you have and will be happy to answer questions!
Cool! I wonder how you differentiate between humans and bots. And kudos for API ✨might be helpful for one of my projects in the future.
@destinerio Thanks a lot Timur! We are working on a classification algorithm that differentiates between humans/bots/exchanges based on their transaction patterns. Hope you can find use for this in your projects.

I love this product!


Great UI/UX



Fantastic resource I'm already sure I'm a user - poked around on some tokens I watch and learned a lot. Would be awesome to see not just token movement but also the movement of tokens through smart contracts. For example: 0x token is being transferred a lot, but that could be trading-related in a way. How much is 0x really being used? How much ETH, etc if flowing through its smart contracts? This could go somewhere really interesting!
@tommyrva Thanks for the feedback. What you mentioned is exactly on our roadmap, and will let you know when updated. Also -- Go Hoos!