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Find profitable crypto investments and filter out scams.

Cryptocurrency reviews, price predictions, and analysis using artificial intelligence. Find profitable investments and filter out scams using AI.
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Thank you for hunting Token Metrics @naeemol. Excited to share Token Metrics with the Product Hunt community. Product Hunt users can use the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT to receive a 10% lifetime discount. Token Metrics is an evolution of our famous ICO analytics spreadsheet. At its peak, one million unique people were using our spreadsheet every month to make better crypto investments, which was fantastic. But the system we created wasn’t built to handle millions of users, and eventually, we had to take it down because it couldn’t scale. However, after seeing the power of that spreadsheet, we knew what we had to do next. We set about creating not just a spreadsheet but building an application that would help people make money. Over the last two years, we've poured everything we have into this project. Token Metrics analyzes not just ICOs, but also cryptocurrencies and tokens currently trading on exchanges. We have added artificial intelligence and over 74 data points to create the world's first real-time AI-based crypto ratings. And we’ve put together an all-star team to get it off the ground. We wanted to ensure that this is the single best crypto analytics platform available anywhere—at any price. But we also wanted to make sure it is accessible to everyone — even those on a very tight budget. We invite the community to give us feedback and we will be here to answer any questions, thank you.
@naeemol @diaryofamademan I'm getting error "No such coupon: PRODUCTHUNT"
@blockchay1 thanks for notifying us, try again now? Should be working
It's so interesting! I wonder which data sources you utilise to run the AI-based ratings?
@andrew_cho we leverage quantitative data sources (crypto price history APIs), as well as qualitative analysis from our team of analysts manually reviewing each cryptocurrency for fundamentals and technology.
@diaryofamademan Great! Thanks for your explanations. I introduced this to my community too -
I've used Token Metrics since day one and, no regrets at all. Having such a platform to help you out making a choice when investing is such an unfair advantage. And even though I'd also recommend to always DYOR, using Token Metrics when looking for the top crypto to investing in, getting to know what they offer thanks to the team deep researches about technical, fundamental, price prediction etc. is priceless! In conclusion, if you're lazy trying to know if a coin is/will be worth your time and money, get your account on Token Metrics, spend 15min reading about it and buy or not. If your not lazy, Token Metrics will save you time and much more!
@keez thanks for sharing that and the support
This product is amazing. I use the price predictions to help make better investments and they have been very accurate. I do not know any other crypto investment platform that provides as up to date cryptocurrency ratings. Having access to machine learning that is finding anomalous patterns in data makes me much more confident in my cryptocurrency investments. Jim Simons quant firm Renaissance Technologies is completely obliterating the returns of Warren Buffets (not quant) firm Berkshire Hathaway. Humans have to work with AI to create efficiency gains or they will be left behind. It is great that Token Metrics gives me access to AI because without Token Metrics I do not know how I could work with AI to make better investment decisions.
@sam_monac yes Jim Simons is a great story and the same can be done in crypto. Thanks for sharing.
It helps me pick the best projects by giving me the important data points. It gives me advantage when doing research
@james_coleman_iii thanks for sharing and thanks for the support