We help you find unique gifts for clients, friends, colleagues or whoever you’d like to be closer with. We make the entire experience simple and convenient and send every gift impeccably wrapped with a beautiful handwritten card. Our mission is to help you maintain stronger relationships, build better networks, and lead a more thoughtful life.

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I'm excited to hunt Token — your professional gifting assistant. The beloved gifting platform is now available for the web! It's easy to use, has built-in reminders for all my important contacts, and the A.I. behind their gift recommendations has improved tenfold. Their goal is help people build stronger relationships and empower you to be more thoughtful. I know it's made a big difference in my own personal and professional relationships and hope you find it to do the same. While the holiday season is coming up, I've actually found Token to be the most helpful for everyday client thank you's and whenever I needed to grab a professional contact's attention. Give Token a try and build a stronger network through gifting!
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Such classy service


Amazing gifts with literally no hassle of sending


It's hard to not buy a million

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This is very creative and helpful tool!! It is always hard to choose gifts for different occasions, but with this site it will be very easy.
Congrats on the launch! Looking forward to giving this a try :) and since it doesn't hurt to ask, any promo available for PH's?
@charleyma Great question! Just for you (and all you Product Hunters), enjoy 15% off your first Token gift with the code "producthuntgift". Happy gifting on Token! 😉