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Database with 300 ICO's and token returns

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Hey Hunters! After hours (okay...weeks) of scouring through chats, websites, news articles, and cryptocurrency exchanges, we’re excited to share with you the most comprehensive database on the absolutely “en fuego” ICO and token market, at It’s quite nearly impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on in the space -- believe us -- we (sadly) spend most of our free time trying to do so. Believe it or not, since we officially launched the site last week, we’ve added over 50 new ICOs! TokenData is your source to bring some clarity to the madness, through simple and clean data. We’ve compiled all of the descriptions, white papers and returns you can hope to find on 300 ICOs and tokens. If you’ve invested in an Initial Coin Offering and want to see how it’s fairing relative to the market, or just want to more about blockchain tokens, TokenData provides the quickest, most complete database for your analysis. We’re also publishing content on a regular basis through our Twitter feed (@tokendata), Medium blog and a weekly newsletter. Keep an eye out for interviews with people behind ICOs and unbiased analyses on the good, bad, and ugly in the market. We hope you enjoy the website and please fire away with any questions or suggestions -- we’re here to help and really appreciate your feedback! Cheers, The TokenData team
@tokendata @ricky_tan Adding to that. Things are getting a little crazy in the ICO space (paquarium anyone?). We've been seeing first hand how this bubble has been developing. Let us know if you have any questions about ICO land. To the Moon!
Super helpful @ricky_tan! One thing: right now the month column sorts by text and not UTC. (E.g. September 2017, then September 2016 vs. September 2017, then August 2017) Also negative values aren’t represented with a ( ) or - in the token return column.
@mg thanks! We'll fix that date bug!
Interesting datasets. @kunal_chaudhary & @ricky_tan, any recommended reading for getting into ICO investing?
@makers @lukaspdx Ricky has some great suggestions, but definitely don't browse r/ethtrader religiously like I do...
@makers @lukaspdx investing into ICO's is extremely risky and unchartered waters in many ways. If you want some more info, a good article was published today in Forbes:
Just some feedback, I would lead with a clearer explanation of the business. I'm fairly switched on and clued up on all things technology, but I didn't know what ICO was or meant. When I figured it out, I became interested. I just didn't know the acronym ICO.
@angus_halen Do you love investing in pre-product startups with single page sites and a PDF white paper describing their hopes/dreams/business? Do you love the idea of investing a cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency created by the company you're investing in? Then you'll love ICO's.
@frantzlight I smell a cynic.... 😂