Tok 1.0

Instant, non-intrusive calls for Slack ⚡

Tok is a spotless macOS app that lets you instantly call your Slack teammates. There is no faster way to discuss what matters without banging on the keyboard.

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19 Reviews5.0/5

Easy to use, integrates with your account in less than a minute.

You can start a call in one click, have a stable connection on almost every network type. Love it.


Fast, easy to use, works on every connection


No cons for me

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In the last few years our team became fully-remote. We got a lot more freedom but something just didn’t feel right. That something was a spontaneous collaborative environment a traditional office setting offers. We had to somehow recreate that same environment across a geographically remote workforce. As a team working in start-up mode instant messaging and audio/video conferencing just wasn’t always convenient. From our experience some tasks need to be discussed without delay. We found ourselves spending up to thirty percent of our time scheduling calls and playing messaging ping-pong. We tried using Slack for short calls. We really did. But hey, spending 15 seconds to connect with someone just doesn’t make much sense when your whole conversation can take just as much time. And the overall experience was a bit too overwhelming given that some days you have 20-30 quick calls. Then we made Tok ⚡ We have been Toking for about two months. Synchronizing the team and dealing with tiny yet extremely important product issues is no longer a challenge. It really does feel like we are all working in the same office again. Well, except there are no thermostat wars and pants are optional. We are beyond excited to share Tok with ProductHunt community. Enjoy the macOS version. Next stops: Windows, iOS and Android. Give it a try and don’t be a stranger - let us know what you think. Thank you for all your support. Vlad Zak & Tok Team
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programm which i was waiting. convenient in use


good producs. easy and clear


1didnt found

Seem to be a great alternative to slack calls, good job!
@alx_mt Thank you!
Congrats, guys!