Watch Youtube with friends

Browse Youtube and watch it together with your best buddy in perfect sync. If one person leaves the app for a while to check something else like notifications video will be paused. Both parties can forward the video and pause the video.
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Hello Hunters, A few months ago I was looking for an app which helps to watch Youtube with another person all while chatting. I have a habit of watching Youtube with my girlfriend when we are sitting next to each other so which lead to a thought why can't we do it when we are not next to each other. Yes, I did find a few apps which can help you do that like Airtime and Rabbit. We tried both apps for a month and both look similar in look and feel but both failed to help us achieve what we wanted. Both have stability issues and both are targeted towards teenagers and group watching so the design is a bit confusing. We both are liking it a lot but at this point. Any feedback or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
@praveenpoojary1 Would it be possible to provide this (sharing) functionality for music? I would like to listen to an online radio station with my partner, but ideally with each of us listening via Bluetooth. This is not possible with current BT but could work with the latest version. So your app could allow each of us to tune into the same station with wifi on our phones, then each of us connect to our preferred BT devices. I have noticed there is a substantial time/buffering difference between different devices on the same wifi network, so your app could resolve this problem.
@ricardo_testori Seems interesting. I am currently thinking about locally stored music file streaming. Thanks for suggestion.
@praveenpoojary1 Locally stored sharing would also be excellent but seems more complex than co-ordinated buffering. I tried to test the current app but failed because the ios version is not yet available - joined the waitlist. Thanks for replying.
1. How are you solving the latency issues? I mean imagine I have 100MBPS internet and my friend has 1MBPS, would we be able to stream at the same speeds and watch together? 2. What's your plan when YouTube directly makes this available as their feature? 3. How are you making this easy? Do I have to always make my friend download the video I want them to watch? Or can they watch without log-in and just through the app? Or how fast can they get to sign-up to watch videos? 4. How are you dealing with recommendations of videos?
@yash Thanks for your interest. 1. Normally both of you should have good internet connection to watch in sync. Right now consider we both are watching a video and video starts buffering for me because of slow connection then I will pause your youtube and show you my status saying "Video is still buffering for Praveena". As soon as buffering finishes for me it will start playing automatically for both of us. 2. I don't think I have strong defensibility here but I do believe that simplicity is what makes Togetherly stand out as Youtube is already cluttered and if they add this feature it will make more complex rather simple. 3. It's just like WhatsApp chat but upper half of the screen is dedicated for video. Please use it for better idea. 4.For the first time I am not recommending any video. You have to search for the youtube video inside the app but once you select your first video I start recommending related videos. Please let me know if you need more explanation.
@praveenpoojary1 thanks for the great explanation, kudos!
gotta try this one here
@freddiellow Thank you Freddie. Please let me know how's your experience.
I love this one.
Great, I am cooking something similar in my kitchen as well from past 1 month and I am surprised on how much the UX looks similar. will share the product soon