A beautiful, open-source to-do app ✍️

#2 Product of the DayApril 09, 2018

Elegant and task-focused app, be more productive now!

2 different color schemes (Color or black & white) based on your taste.

Todost uses Local Storage to track your tasks !

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You really couldn't have found another name for this? The product looks great but it's hard to not feel like you are exploiting another developer to do it.
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@justcharlie Hey, thanks for the feedback ! :D Since the application is simply a todolist, the name is close to what I does. There was no intention of exploiting an another product success.
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@justcharlie @antoineakt But surely it can only be a matter of time before Todoist comes knocking with a Cease and Desist. Wouldn't it be better to choose a name that doesn't look 99% like a pretty huge player before you build a big userbase?
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@justcharlie @iammarcthomas Thanks for the feedback, we will advised on that. 👍
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@justcharlie @iammarcthomas @antoineakt Yeah, plus you blatantly copied them by having a list of things that you need to do, that you can add to. How dare you, sir.
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@rossdcurrie it's not a "blatanly copy" I think, it's just the same concept, that this "pretty huge player" have not invented either... Moreover, it's an open source solution, so what would be the purpose of copying something existing?
"Finally, another to do app"... said a lot of people, apparently, since this is #1 on PH right now. I really have to wonder what it is about the thousands of other to do list apps out there that people find lacking, that makes this one the #1 upvoted product right now. Or maybe the Product Hunt community just likes making lists.. of things... to do..
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@rossdcurrie Thanks for your feedback. I can see your point. We done this todo project in the only goal to make something together and to ship it properly, just for fun 🙂
@rossdcurrie I think it must be the simplicity and the fact that it is open source. My own task manager, also w/ similar features to Quentin's, got to #1 in PH as well and people wondered the same. Maybe it's just easier for people to upvote.
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@tcodinat to do: make to do list app, get upvoted to top of PH
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@rossdcurrie someone should make a list of previous #1 PH list apps. 20 dollar question is which app to use?
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@rossdcurrie I'm always looking for the perfect todo list app - I've tried a dozen, and considered more without actually trying them. There's definitely an "Ooh! New Todo app!" thing going on. Can't try this one, I'm not on a Mac. But the idea of a simple, straightforward list sounds great - if I could use it, I'd probably have upvoted it.

I was looking for a todolist system - An app or a way to get organized - but no one I have tested did the job. Todost goes to the essential : a todolist app.


Very simple app, no useless fonctionnality, elegant, efficient, usable (very rare for an app like this)


Only for mac

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Thanks for the review ! Actually the website is accessible for all modern browsers. We might do a mac version / electron bundle in the future
Beautiful product, simple and efficient, I love that !!! very great job
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@samuelrbt OH ! Thanks for your comment :D
Finally an efficient todolist app ! No superfluous, and that’s what we needed for a long time ! Thanks 🙏🏻
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@julienreysset You rock's, thanks for your comment :)
@julienreysset There are dozens of others such as workflowy, google keep, todoist, etc.