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Many thanks for featuring TodoMovies! We started TodoMovies almost 3 years ago as a bet between me and my brother :). He had the idea for TodoMovies and I told him I can hack a prototype in 1 day. I made the prototype and we loved using it ourselves so we started working on it and slowly refining it everyday. Since then It grew up to be one of our main products and was featured by Apple multiple times. You will also find it on almost every single app website. We are just a tiny team of two brothers (One Developer, One Designer). We do everything ourselves from marketing, support, development and design. If you have any questions regarding how we work or did anything specific in TodoMovies, I would be more than happy to answer!
@objective_neo Congrats on the launch! I use this app almost everyday (I'm a big movie watcher) and it's been great to see it consistently improve over the years. Cheers!
My buddy @Objective_Neo from TapHive launched a big update to TodoMovies with a new UI and Apple Watch app today.
OMG. Huge cinephile! Totally onboard. A feature request right of the bat would be a better curated (possibly crowd-based?) upcoming movies section. To hear news/trailers about upcoming movies, I have to scrounge together what I find on reddit/r/movies and A unified interface to bring it all together. When the new avengers trailer comes out, I want to be the first to hear about it on the app (it should naturally bubble to the top!). Maybe I can track what a certain list of actors/directors/studios are upto? Oh the possibilities! P.S: Is your upcoming movies list manually curated right now? Props to whoever it is.
@pj_mukh yup. We will have some sort of streams in the future for new trailers and currently trending movies. Tracking actors/directors is also on our todo list.
By far the best app for collecting movies to watch! I have been addicted to this app for 2 years now. Love getting those push notifications when there's a new movie on my to-watch list in theaters. Best app ever ❤