A super minimal, accessible and easy to use todo list.

Hi everybody!

I made todoHQ as a way to learn and practice new Javascript/React features, improve accessibility practices, and overall UI design.

You can create and edit tasks for today, and plan for tomorrow.

Everything is saved locally on your browser. You can create an account to access your tasks anywhere!

Lih Seng Goh
Minh T. Reigen
Nobuhiro Sato
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  • Minh T. Reigen
    Minh T. Reigenco-founder, YesLLama LLC

    I love the simplicity and functionality of this Todo app. Created my list and ready to get "text" into "action" today AND tomorrow!


    Not a con, but maybe future feature: option to add alert to an item?

    Awesome app. Can't wait to see more from this maker.

    Minh T. Reigen has used this product for one day.
I'd love to hear feedback! Shoot me a message @ 😄
Love the simplicity!
Really easy to use and understand!
Looks like a great simple app. Congrats on the launch!