Slack-native todos right in your Home Tab

Slack just released new Home Tab functionality to the public, and my friends from OneBar have already made an app for it! Check out the ToDoBot - a simle and elagant app to manage all your TODOs right in Slack.
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Hey, PH crowd! I'm Maxim, co-founder of I live on Mac, Linux, and Android. In all notetakers, I've ever used, I always had a single feed to which I kept appending random stuff. I loved Wunderlist until MS decided to kill it. I've recently bought a second Apple device and realized that Apple notes are basically perfect, except... they only work on Apple devices :/ It recently struck me that there's an app that I consistently use on all my devices and this app is Slack! Pretty often, I DM myself random stuff, so that I can access it later from all my devices. My Slack DM partially served as my TODO list, but without proper checkboxes, it wasn't super convenient... until now! Slack has recently released the Home Tab - a place where slack apps can display persistent information, draw buttons, launch modals - pretty much, implement a real UI with bells and whistles. I was working on a home tab for OneBar when it struck me that THIS is the place where I want my TODOs to live! A couple of days of hacking, and here it is! Please meet ToDoBot! It lives in your Slack It adds anything you DM it to your TODO list It shows your TODO list on the Home Tab, where you can check things off, edit or delete items It lets your SHARE TODOs with your teammates! Just mention someone, and the item will appear on both of your lists. You can also use the /todo command and "Save to my TODO" message action from anywhere in Slack It's Free! Brought to you by the OneBar team ;)
If Slack is an essential tool of your workflow – try this bot. ToDoBot helps you to keep focus in a native environment and is really easy to set up!
Nice product, very useful
Simple, focused and useful.
Thanks, Andrey! ;)