Get shit done or get taxed is yet another todo list with a bit of a twist.
Do your tasks in 24 hours or you get charged!
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Hey everyone! Finally got around to launching 🎉 It's a bit of a dumb side project, I had the idea for it when I was struggling with productivity and I'm hoping it can maybe help some people. It's a pretty basic todo list, with a sadistic side. Instead of assigning a priority to a todo, you give it a monetary value. If you do not check off the todo in 24 hours you will be charged the value of that todo. This is part of my plan to launch 4 different products with 4 different business models over the summer, so keep an eye out for the next ones 😀 Cheers! Grant
Reminds me to @levelsio's Go Fucking Do It
Are you using Stripe to charge users?
@sunilc_ yep it uses stripe
I reckon you should make all of the money go to charity!
@paulcomba yeah that's pretty much the plan! I'll cover any hosting and maintenance costs and then donate the rest to charity
@paulcomba @terminalpixel We should also be able to choose between a list of charities we'd like our money to go to.