A to-do list for your team inside Slack

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Hi guys, I'm the developer behind /todo for Slack. Big thanks to @gregoiregilbert for sharing my app! - With /todo each channel or private conversation has it own to-do list, visible only for its members. - Any participant can add and remove items from the list. Every action is public so you don't miss any changes. - You can assign 1 or more users to a task to make sure things get done in your to-do list. - With /mytodo you can create your own private to-do list and see all the tasks you have been mentioned in. Its only been 2 weeks since I launched this app and it has been evolving thanks to the user feedback. The idea is to keep /todo simple but powerful, all within Slack. I wrote an article in Medium where I share my journey and the results I got after a week https://medium.com/@guillegette/... Happy to answer any questions!
@guillegette It would be awesome if you could have it remind you of a task at a specific time/day and also have an expiry to a task!
I love how simple it is, one thing that can be awesome is to allow for a due date with a reminder option, the reminder would post "Hey @person don't forget to Send meeting notes via email, it's due in 1 hour". How cool would that be!
@themsaid @person great idea! I actually put together a UserVoice forum to capture all these and your idea is listed there now. http://zlapps.uservoice.com/foru...
@themsaid @person Just as an aside, Slack natively allows you to set reminders using /remind.
Out of all the slack integrations I've seen this one seems to be one of the more sensible ones. Not that I have anything against gifs 😝
A nice little Slack product. My team might give it a try :) @guillegette what's the story behind it?
@gregoiregilbert thanks for the comment! I started this app about just before the end of 2015 the same day Slack announced their App Directory. I wanted to get my feet wet with their platform and API so I built something simple but useful, at least for me. A few weeks later (exactly the 20th of January) my app was accepted in their directory. Since that day the reaction and feedback has been overwhelming, in the first week 350 teams signed up and I released v2 which was a natural evolution of the app (from private to-do list to public) I put together an article with more details on the technical implementation and numbers. https://medium.com/@guillegette/... Let me know if you try it!
@guillegette nice write-up, thanks for sharing. It's great to see the Slack App Directory is taking on a life of its own, and is a viable channel for great products like this to spread.
this just changed my (project management) life.