A todo list inside your Google Calendar

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Raveesh BhallaProduct/Design Consultant
I have wanted something like this for so long. Was highly disappointed when Any.Do didn't provide a fused Cal+Todo widget for Android. Goodbye Todoist.
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Brian Krall
Lead Front-end Developer, Tovala
@raveeshbhalla I have so much stuff on Todoist! Definitely checking this out though.
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I was already using Google Calendar to track important / atypical tasks before finding out about #todo so making the process "smarter" was a no brainer. I love how it fits into something I already use daily (instead of trying to change my behavior and force me to use yet another new app). I still use Pivotal Tracker for work tasks, but this works really well for random life tasks (go to DMV, cancel Apple Music, book flight, etc.)
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Taylor Edmiston
Senior Software Engineer
I've used Google Tasks built-in to Google Calendar on and off for years, but it's effectively an abandoned product. Part of what made me switch personal tasks to Reminders was having push notification alerts, etc. across devices. How does #todo handle that?
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James Phillips
Software Engineer
@kicksopenminds Hi Taylor - we felt the same way about Google Tasks! HashtagTodo uses regular Google Calendar events for everything and isn't tied to Google Tasks in any way. This means it also works everywhere you have your Google Calendar (not all clients support Google Tasks, but they all show Google Calendar events).
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Gabriela Hromis
Apparently this died :(
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Paul Gosnelldream big. sunrise runner. breathwork.
@ghromis yep, shame - looked perfect for my needs!
James and I created this product because we were the core user. We've both tried many dedicated to-do apps but never found that any worked well for us. We both ended up just putting our to-do's in our calendar (we discovered that we were not alone in this experience). The reason we found was that many people spend their time in email and calendar. Having to check a 3rd app for to-do's just didn't work and was often forgotten which is why people often abandon their to-do apps after a few days or weeks. Using our calendar for our to-do's was great on one hand because that is where we were always checking on our schedule and when we should be doing things. The problem is that the calendar wasn't built to be a to-do list. Specifically, 1. The calendar doesn't natively support checkboxes which people love so they get the positive re-enforcement of checking a task off as complete. 2. There was always the issue of having to check back in our schedule to make sure we didn't miss any to-do's....and then having to drag forward the to-do in our calendar. There was always the risk and worry of missing something important. We decided to address all of these issues by building to-do functionality with Google Calendar. This way, users don't have to check a 3rd app but can see and plan their to-do's where they are already looking. We then added in the ability to tag events as to-do's but simply typing in #todo in the calendar event title. Simple and clean. On our side, we look for #todo and do 2 important things. 1. We add in a check box [ ] to the front of the event title 2. Any incomplete #todo will be automatically moved forward at midnight so you never lose track of your #todo's. One of the key benefits to this approach is that since we are building in all the functionality with the actual Google Calendar event, our system works on any platform. You can be on your computer, a friends computer, a computer in the public library, any calendar client like Outlook or Apple Calendar....and especially any mobile device. Whether you use the default Apple iPhone Calendar or Sunrise or Google Calendar on iphone or Android, our system works with no other download required. We hope you give it a try and appreciate the simplicity of the solution. Please give us feedback as we are continually looking for ways to make our system and service better.
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